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The Luminosa Approach:

Our team are truly passionate about women’s health and wellbeing. A professional, friendly and welcoming approach that combines specialist gynaecological medical expertise and holistic health, with the wellbeing of women at the core.  Many women experience changes to their gynaecologic health and often suffer in silence, affecting their personal relationships and quality of life as a consequence.

Physical and emotional wellbeing depends on many things and good health is more than just an absence of illness. We want to educate and empower women to give them the confidence and knowledge to prioritise their health and wellbeing, rather than settling. Luminosa is here to help women optimise their lives.

Founder, Miss Tania Adib - BSc MBBS MD MRCOG

Consultant gynaecologist Ms Tania Adib

Ms Tania Adib is a Consultant Gynaecologist with over 30 years of experience. Alongside her vast experience in gynaecological oncology, she is an expert in managing the menopause, including premature menopause, either with hormone replacement therapy or with non-hormonal treatments.

Ms Adib firmly believes that there is a lack of knowledge about the options available to women who have gynaecological issues that the public healthcare does not cater for, especially many of the problems experienced when going through the menopause, cancer treatments, and even childbirth. Most women just accept these as part of their lives, but they do not need to.

“Luminosa was created to empower women and to improve their quality of life and confidence by providing innovative solutions to problems that, if left untreated, can have devastating effects on women’s lives. My team and I work hard to bring the most modern treatments to our clinic so women can benefit from these alternative approaches in the safest hands possible.”

Ms Tania Adib


As women age, they face a variety of physical changes, including symptoms arising from childbirth, menopause, and other conditions, which may affect their quality of life, self-confidence and sexuality.

Our treatments at Luminosa can help with various vaginal health concerns:

• Incontinence
• Vaginal Dryness
• Vaginal Laxity
• Prolapse
• Lichen Sclerosus
• Vaginal discomfort as a direct result of menopause or peri-menopause
• Aesthetic concerns


You will always have a thorough consultation with an experienced consultant gynaecologist to listen to and understand your concerns, resulting in an effective bespoke treatment plan specific to your circumstances.

At Luminosa, we are currently offering various non-surgical vaginal treatments:

• Vaginal Radiofrequency
• Mona Lisa Touch laser
•O-Shot Vaginal Rejuvenation
•Pelvic Floor Emsella Chair
•Vulval Fillers
•Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty


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